Commercial Science

We call it Commercial Science for a reason. We apply significant scientific rigor in commercial part of the Pharma Organizations. We seek precision, data, facts and evidence. We measure, we report and with that, we help improve. We have executed hundreds of projects addressing important sales and marketing challenges for Pharma Companies using these techniques.

We identify what needs improvement and then use the expertise and powerful frameworks to effect the improvement. We don't just believe in creating powerpoint slides and have recommendations that run the risk of sitting inside closets. Our guidance is tactical, execution oriented and often involves the use of data and Application Development. We deeply understand the interdependencies in the Pharma Commercial Interventions and carefully design our solutions to create the right level of impact. Contact us to learn more about how Phrog can help you significantly improve your commercial performance.

Some areas of our Expertise:


The unpredictability of busines makes it hard to plan and look ahead. Revenue forecasts are essential to optimize resource allocation across a product portfolio. Both underestimation and overestimation can be detrimental to the business interests and / or profitability of the operations. Good forecasting balances the competing factors and enables your organization to make optimal business decisions.

Our approach to forecasting accounts for life cycle needs of each product. We configure our tools and processes to address the unique needs of each situation.

Segmentation & Targeting

Effective customer segmentation starts with a clear understanding of customer profiles, behaviors and preferences.

It seeks to ask questions upfront about the responsiveness and value to the brand. It takes into account the similarities within and differences across segments. It ensures attention is paid to the relevance of these similarities and differences from the perspective of the commercial tactics that will be ulitimately implemented on these segments.

What type of segmentation approach should we take for each product to maximize the opportunity for our overall company portfolio?

We take into account these factors and many others in our rigorous and scientific approach to segmentation.

From a targeting perspective, sales force remains one of the most expensive yet important channels to engage customers. Focusing the sales force effort in the right direction with the right aptitude can be a make or break execution tactic. We use world class analytics to ensure sales force activity is highly focused around the top priorities for the brand and the portfolio.

Incentive Compensation

Automating your sales compensation calculations fully is the holy grail of the notoriously complex Incentive Management World. We help streamline your entire incentive process, from defining incentive programs to ensuring payouts are correct and on time, while implementing even the most complicated business rules with ease. We carry deep expertise in Goal Setting, Incentive Design, MBO Administration, Sales and Goals refinement processes. We ensure the incentives are designed and administered fairly and squarely with strong emphasis on QA and validations. You can take advantage of our powerful reporting and dashboarding tools that are pre-configured and ready to use in a delightful web based interface.