We have a unique engagement model. Our clients are situated in the US and EU markets but our delivery is mostly offshore with minimal on shore footprint. We travel occasionally, pragmatically when needed and conduct most of our business using remote tools e.g. Video conferencing tools, Skype for Business etc. which we believe are sufficiently advanced to provide a big cost benefit advantage versus physical travel. This model allows us to keep costs low for our clients while tapping into rapidly growing expertise available offshore. We tend to be heavy users of technology and many of the projects involve significant tech involvement.

Sometimes it takes the form of platform offerings that our clients subscribe to; other times it is our technology skills that are used in executing projects; or still others, it is the sheer availability of team members with advanced skill sets in technology. Regardless, use of technology creates efficiencies in project execution. The Offshore and Technology combination unlocks an enormous amount of value for our clients to drive key initiatives most important to them

Application Development

One of our important engagement models is to provide you with skilled and talented offshore resources as per your requirements. May be you have tried offshoring in the past but haven’t had the success you were expecting. Or may be you don’t know where to start. It can be overwhelming to step into this world. That is where we step in. We make offshoring work. You have critical projects. Timelines are non-negotiable. Stakes are big, yet cost pressures are high,.

You have ideas but need people to execute. Where do you find the talent at a cost and speed you can afford? Offshore has a vast ocean of talent pool but is not always accessible to those who can take advantage of the resources. With a large number of companies setting up operations in India to serve their global markets, the talent pool has matured and offers a diversity of relevant skill sets. As such, the offshore proposition has evolved from being just a “cost play” to an “expertise play”. See the expertise areas we specialize in. These include all our three areas of expertise: Technology, Data Engineering and Commercial Science

With decades of experience at either end of the shore, we have a deep understanding and empathy for on shore requirements and off shore capabilities. Our secret sauce is in breaking it down and letting our clients decide what level of local involvement will add most value to them and their resources

Data Engineering

Big Data is commercial boon for pharma – how can you unlock its power? Big Data is no fad, it is fundamentally transforming how Pharma Companies operate and paving way for better commercial results. What are the top opportunities? How can the commercial benefits of Big Data come to fruition. We have worked on many use cases and realized practical benefits of Big Data in the Pharma Commercial Effectiveness world

Commercial Science

Phrog’s commercial science services experts have executed hundreds of projects solving critical sales and marketing challenges for Pharma Companies. How? By bringing rigorous research and analysis, critical thinking, and thought leadership to decisions that are often otherwise based on intuition. We bring science to the art of sales and marketing