Our clients are able to pick from the following menu of options to best suit their specific needs:

  • Recruit and Select:

    This is probably one of the most important activities we get involved in. An activity where we pay a lot of attention to details. Post getting a brief from you, our recruiting agents kick into action and identify relevant candidates from trusted sources. The candidates go through multiple rounds of screening including fit assessments and functional rounds involving functional / technical topics. These steps ensure that you get pre-screened candidates and spend minimal time interviewing and screening candidates. Over the years, we have developed what we call the 4-1-1 model to use your time efficiently. This model means, post multiple rounds of interviews at our end, for each requirement, we present to you 4 highly qualified candidates with the goal to select 1 and keep 1 as a backup.

  • Infrastructural support:

    This entails housing the team members in our physical location; providing essential infrastructure including laptops, leased lines, access to Video conferencing, running payroll, getting them on-boarded, enrolling them onto our timesheet system and addressing their local requirements e.g.: relocation, transportation etc.

  • Manage and Engage:
    • Local management of team members. Regular coaching, mentoring and providing feedback. Local observations and feedback on key values and behaviors. Facilitating performance reviews based on criteria specified by you.

    • Optionally, you can also opt for functional management support. This support is available for select areas.

    • We facilitate great social interactions in the team using a variety of channels to keep employees motivated and engaged. This includes cultural events, rewards and recognition programs.

  • Develop and grow:
    • Facilitate local training programs including soft (e.g. communication skills, cultural sensitivity training, interpersonal skill development) and functional skill sets (e.g. project management, big data, consulting skills etc.)

    • We can plug / map the team’s career path framework into the broader organizational framework that you might have. For local competency and role development, we utilize a powerful competency framework that you can optionally take advantage of

  • Transition:
  • Post incubating the team with us, at some point, you might want to branch off on your own. We facilitate graceful transitions to support you in those plans